What metal is right for me?

When it comes to selecting a wedding band, choosing the right metal for you is mission critical. I mean, you might never take this thing off, so you’d better dig it—a lot.

For starters, you’ve come to the right place. 4weddingbands.com offers only precious metal wedding bands—we’re not into that “alternative” metal stuff. Put it this way, if you can make a shower head or a golf club out of it, we aren’t going to try to sell it to you as a symbol of love. Wedding bands stand for something—they represent the love of your life. Shouldn’t they be made from a material that has real intrinsic value? Ok, so which of these precious metals do you choose? Find one that matches your personality, lifestyle, and price point.


Hallmark: 950Pt
Price: High-end
Claim to Fame: The Rolls Royce of precious metals. If Tony Stark were a precious metal, he’d be platinum (man).

Description: Commanding the highest price per ounce among our four precious metal offerings, platinum is pure and rare. All of our 950 platinum rings contain 95 percent platinum and 5 percent ruthenium; the latter is added to make the metal behave like jewelry manufacturers want it to. With its cool gray color, platinum looks great satin finished or high polished. It has a nice heft to it, too, so opt for this metal if you like a heavier ring. One of the strongest, most durable metals, platinum will truly last a lifetime.


Hallmark: 950Pd
Price: Mid-range
Claim to Fame: Platinum’s cool and less expensive cousin. If Vincent Vega were a precious metal, he’d be palladium.

Description: Palladium has seen resurgence in fine jewelry over the past several years, making its biggest dent in the men’s wedding band market. And rightly so. This is one cool metal—and it’s almost half as expensive as platinum. All of our 950 palladium rings contain 95 percent palladium, with the balance comprising elements that make the metal behave like jewelry manufacturers want it to. Offering a cool white tone, palladium is very light, which can make even a large ring feel very comfortable and easy to wear. Light but strong, palladium is a great mid-range price option for a pure white precious metal.


Hallmark: 14k
Price: Mid-range
Claim to Fame: It’s a classic! If James Bond were a precious metal, he’d be gold.

Description: A pure gold ring is 24 karats, so a 14 karat gold ring contains 14/24ths or about 58.3 percent gold. The balance is made up of elements that enhance the desired color (white or yellow), and make the metal behave the way jewelry manufacturers want it to. We offer both yellow and white 14 karat gold bands for those who are seeking a true classic. Your grandparents wore gold. Your parents wore gold. And today you can too, with our entire range of styles looking rich in this mid-range price option.


Hallmark: Pegasus
Price: Conservative
Claim to Fame: It’s white, hot, and current. If Jason Bourne were a precious metal, he’d be Argentium.

Description: Our most conservatively priced precious metal option, Argentium silver is a branded luxury metal made from 100 percent recycled silver. Its special blend of elements offers superior tarnish-resistance over standard sterling silver. Offering a bright white color at a very affordable price, Argentium is taking the jewelry industry by storm as the hottest new men’s wedding band option to hit the market in recent years. If you want a current, durable, affordable precious metal, Argentium is right for you.