4 Reasons Why a Precious Metal Wedding Band Is Best For You

In the current marketplace, your choices for men's wedding rings are virtually endless. Not only do a variety of designs and styles exist to appeal to anyone, but there are a number of metals available that were not traditionally used for wedding bands. 

Now we at 4WeddingBands aren't traditionalists, per se, but we know a killer wedding band when we see one. And here are our top 4 reasons why when choosing a wedding ring, precious metals are the only way to go:

1. Precious metals have intrinsic value. When you decided to get married, you made a serious commitment to the person you love and want to spend your life with. You invested in your future. Why wouldn't you invest in a precious metal wedding ring to cement that bond? Unlike all of the alternative metal wedding rings on the market, a precious metal wedding band will retain its value forever. Precious metals are a true investment that will not lose their value.

2. Precious metal wedding rings can be sized easily. Certain "alternative" metals and inlaid rings may look cool, but when you get down to the materials themselves, the problems become apparent. Not only are they virtually worthless from a value perspective, but many of these metals can't be sized—and in some cases are very difficult to cut off. In a medical emergency, wouldn't you feel better knowing that your band could be easily removed from your finger? Or, in a less dramatic example, if you find at some point that your precious metal wedding band becomes too tight or too loose, it can be sized easily.  We are happy to offer this service to our 4WeddingBands customers. If you have any questions about sizing, shoot us an email at info@4WeddingBands.com.

Left to right: Bueller, Parker, Tamland, and Bourne.

Left to right: Bueller, Parker, Tamland, and Bourne.

3. Precious metals have been used forever as a symbol of love. As we said, we're not traditionalists by any stretch of the imagination—but we are firm believers in making jewelry from only precious metals. We carry on a family tradition of nearly 75 years of making only precious metal jewelry, and we plan to keep it that way. While we offer a number of designs—from classic, simple bands to cutting-edge looks—our dedication to the tradition of handcrafting high quality, precious metal jewelry has never waned. Our fathers and grandfathers worked with gold, platinum, and silver, and so do we. 

4. Despite what the alternative metal marketers say, precious metal wedding bands are affordable.  If you are shopping within a certain budget, don't settle for anything less than a precious metal. Sure titanium is inexpensive, but you are paying for a metal with no intrinsic value. If you are looking for a very affordable option, check out our Argentium silver offerings. All of our bands are available in Argentium—a hypoallergenic, 100% recycled silver that is actually purer than standard sterling silver. It's an awesome metal—and it's affordable.

Bottom line: Would you want to wear a wedding ring that is made from the same metal as your shower head? Yeah, we didn't think so.

4 the Bride: Women's Wedding Bands Made to Order

Once you've chosen a wedding band for yourself, you may be wondering if 4WeddingBands has a band that's right for her? While we display only men's wedding bands on our website, we are a full-service jewelry manufacturer. We also make women's wedding bands in gold, platinum, palladium, and Argentium silver—with and without diamonds. 



Our most popular styles are classic burnish- and channel-set diamond wedding bands featuring 1-, 2-, 3-, and 5-point diamonds. These traditional wedding bands are most popular in 14k and 18k yellow, white, and pink gold. We use only the best quality diamonds in our ladies wedding rings to ensure optimum brilliance.

In addition, our round, flat, and hammered ladies wedding rings in platinum, palladium, gold, and silver are very popular, in both high polished and satin finishes. These women's wedding bands are complementary to virtually any engagement ring, and we can customize your wedding band to be a perfect match. They also make excellent anniversary rings and look gorgeous in stacks of three. Many of our clients order these stacks as anniversary, holiday, and birthday gifts.

Having been in the jewelry manufacturing business for 70 years, we are happy to help you with any of your precious metal jewelry needs.We make all of our jewelry in our New York factory from molten metal to finished product! 

If you have any questions about ordering a woman's wedding band or other related jewelry items, please email us at info@4weddingbands.com or call 1.516.519.3913. We are happy to help! 



Men's and Women's Wedding Ring Care Guide

While most men and women wear their wedding bands all the time, it's a good idea to remove your ring periodically to allow the skin beneath some breathing room. Also, we suggest taking off your wedding ring when performing any activities in which the jewelry could come into contact with chemicals.

Avoid exposure to chlorine and certain chemicals that are used in spas and hot tubs—especially with Argentium silver, which could lead to discoloration of the metal. 

While most commercial polishing cloths or jewelry cleaners are safe for gold, platinum, and palladium wedding rings and jewelry, avoid their use with Argentium silver. Instead, wipe the piece with a cotton ball soaked in Windex with vinegar (not ammonia) or hand sanitizer to remove any dirt, grime, or discoloration.

For platinum, palladium, and 14k or 18k gold wedding bands with or without diamonds, the following home cleaning processes work well to remove dirt, oils, and residue:

• Dissolve one tablet of Alka Seltzer or Efferdent in warm water and soak the wedding band for 5 to 10 minutes. The bubbles will loosen dirt and grime. 

• Make a baking soda paste using a few teaspoons of baking soda to about a teaspoon of water, creating a thick slurry. Clean the wedding ring with a soft cloth or toothbrush. Rinse off any excess.

It's also important to note that any wedding rings, no matter what precious metal, will naturally wear over time. You will notice this in particular on a bright polished platinum wedding band, which will slowly develop a patina over time. The patina is a signature of platinum that should be expected and embraced over the lifetime of the piece.

Our 4 Bestselling Wedding Bands

Choosing a wedding band is tough. At 4weddingbands.com, we try our best to educate you about your options. You've got to choose a precious metal that is right for your lifestyle and your budget. If you have any questions about metal, be sure to visit our Choosing a Metal page and you'll find the answers.

But when it comes to selecting a design for your wedding band, the choice is completely personal. We've identified our 4 bestselling men's wedding rings so you can see what styles are most popular with our past clients:

Foley. Offering a simple twist of visual interest, this 8 mm flat comfort fit wedding band features an all-over sandblasted finish with an off-set bright cut channel.

Jones. Rugged yet elegant, this 6 mm round comfort fit wedding band features a sandblasted central section surrounded by elegant milgrain and sleek high polish edges. 

Kane. A classic, this 8 mm round high polish comfort fit wedding band in our heavier weight styling offers traditional elegance with added presence. 

Sparrow.  For those who believe in the power of numbers, the number 8 is symbolic of wealth, success, and luck—all represented in this wedding band. Segmented into 8 sections, this 8 mm comfort fit band features a rugged sandblasted finish with high polish cuts and edges. 


4 Ways to Surprise Her on the Big Day

Aside from not losing the wedding bands, you probably haven't been given many responsibilities on the big day. You need to show up on time, look good, and bring the rings. Let's face it: She's got A LOT more going on. So while she's being tended to by hair and make-up, fussing over every last detail, and preparing for that all-eyes-on-me walk down the aisle, here are a few things you can do to kill time (and a couple ideas that require a little pre-planning in the weeks leading up to the big day) and make your wedding day extra special for her:

1. Get a tattoo—kidding! Probably best to avoid any last-minute, spur-of-the-moment ink in the hours preceding the nuptials.

Real 1. Buy (or pick) a bouquet of flowers and put them in the room you'll be retiring to that night. It's the little things that count.

2. Better yet—plan a blanket picnic. (Assuming you aren't staying at the Ritz—in which case, order one!) While you're out getting those flowers, pick up some water bottles, snacks, wine, etc. It might be one of the biggest days of your life—but it's also one of the most exhausting. All that food you paid for...well, you probably won't eat much of it. And all those "wedding night" stories are just that—stories. Chances are you'll be tired and hungry when it's all over, so why not make it romantic?

3. A few weeks ahead of time, buy a  journal and have members of your bride-to-be's family and her friends write her special notes to read while she's getting ready for the wedding. This is a VERY sweet gesture that will be sure to score you points—but not if you forget the wedding bands...

4. Arrange with her bridesmaids or her family—whomever is with her the morning of your wedding—to deliver a hand-written note from you telling her how you feel about her and reassuring her that she made the right decision to marry you. Have this delivered to her in a creative way—maybe tied to the stem of her mimosa glass. Again--big points.

Personalize Your Wedding Band with Engraving

For many guys, a wedding band is the only piece of jewelry they own. Aside from a watch, a wedding band might be the closest you'll ever get to accessorizing—so you had better make sure it's special.

After you settle on a wedding band design that you like and choose a metal that best fits your lifestyle and price point, there is one more option that you should consider: getting the wedding band engraved. 

Your options are almost endless when it comes to engraving, as most of this work is done today with a laser, ensuring pinpoint accuracy. Just keep in mind that you have a limited amount of space to work with to keep the engraving legible: It can only get so small before it becomes indecipherable. 

The following are some of the most popular choices for engraving inside wedding bands:

• Wedding date 

• Wedding date with the bride's and groom's initials

• The bride's and groom's nicknames for each other

• A quote or phrase with personal significance to the bride and groom

• In second or subsequent marriages, the names of the children in the blended family

If you want to make your wedding band extra special and add a lasting sentiment to the inside, consider engraving it! All 4weddingbands.com designs can be engraved for a small fee. If you are interested in this service, just drop us an email at info@4weddingbands.com before placing your order. 


4 Tips for a Seamless Rehearsal Dinner

Ok...so tomorrow is the big day. And while you'd rather be pre-gaming without the doting eyes of every member of your current and soon-to-be family watching your every move, you've got to rehearse so everything goes just right. Here are a few tips to make your rehearsal dinner run smoothly:

1. Put names to faces. Quite often, the rehearsal dinner is your first opportunity to introduce your future (as in tomorrow) spouse to out-of-town relatives and close family friends whom you haven't seen in years. This is where mom, dad, or some other close relative can come in handy. A few weeks before the dinner, have them produce some images of not-so-familiar family members who will be attending and Sharpie their names on the pix. Practice remembering who's who—and you'll avoid those awkward moments when introductions leave you stammering for a name. 

2. Mix and mingle. Be sure to spend some time with everyone in attendance, making them feel welcome and at home. A lot of these people traveled far or planned their weekend around you, so show them you care that they are part of this momentous event in your life. 

3. Let the little things go. As amazing and exciting as your wedding day is for you and all those around you, the stress over everything going as planned is palpable. Remind yourself that if you're calm, everyone will follow your lead. So if the appetizers you ordered get mixed up or the table seating isn't what you had planned, just let it go. You don't want to get upset—edginess spreads like wildfire.

4. Don't forget about your fiancee! With everything going on, don't neglect your future spouse! Being a gracious host is important—but reassuring the love of your life on the night before your wedding comes first. Be sure to be attentive to the needs of the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

Tips for Selecting a Finish for Your Wedding Band

At 4weddingbands.com, we offer three basic finishes in our line of men's wedding bands: high polish, satin, and sandblasted. As you shop our store, you'll see those three terms used when describing our wedding band designs. In some of our designs, we use more than one finish for visual interest.

Can't figure out which finish you like best? Think of it this way:

High polish: You like shiny things and you like to be noticed. If you want your gold, platinum, palladium, or Argentium silver wedding band to stand out and make a statement, go for this mirror-like finish.

Satin: Your style is more subtle and subdued. If you want a gold, platinum, palladium, or Argentium silver wedding band that has a softer, brushed look, opt for a satin finish.

Sandblasted: Your look is rugged and edgy. If you want a gold, platinum, palladium, or Argentium silver wedding band that has a rough, textured feel, choose a sandblasted finish.