4 Tips for a Seamless Rehearsal Dinner

Ok...so tomorrow is the big day. And while you'd rather be pre-gaming without the doting eyes of every member of your current and soon-to-be family watching your every move, you've got to rehearse so everything goes just right. Here are a few tips to make your rehearsal dinner run smoothly:

1. Put names to faces. Quite often, the rehearsal dinner is your first opportunity to introduce your future (as in tomorrow) spouse to out-of-town relatives and close family friends whom you haven't seen in years. This is where mom, dad, or some other close relative can come in handy. A few weeks before the dinner, have them produce some images of not-so-familiar family members who will be attending and Sharpie their names on the pix. Practice remembering who's who—and you'll avoid those awkward moments when introductions leave you stammering for a name. 

2. Mix and mingle. Be sure to spend some time with everyone in attendance, making them feel welcome and at home. A lot of these people traveled far or planned their weekend around you, so show them you care that they are part of this momentous event in your life. 

3. Let the little things go. As amazing and exciting as your wedding day is for you and all those around you, the stress over everything going as planned is palpable. Remind yourself that if you're calm, everyone will follow your lead. So if the appetizers you ordered get mixed up or the table seating isn't what you had planned, just let it go. You don't want to get upset—edginess spreads like wildfire.

4. Don't forget about your fiancee! With everything going on, don't neglect your future spouse! Being a gracious host is important—but reassuring the love of your life on the night before your wedding comes first. Be sure to be attentive to the needs of the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.