4 Ways to Surprise Her on the Big Day

Aside from not losing the wedding bands, you probably haven't been given many responsibilities on the big day. You need to show up on time, look good, and bring the rings. Let's face it: She's got A LOT more going on. So while she's being tended to by hair and make-up, fussing over every last detail, and preparing for that all-eyes-on-me walk down the aisle, here are a few things you can do to kill time (and a couple ideas that require a little pre-planning in the weeks leading up to the big day) and make your wedding day extra special for her:

1. Get a tattoo—kidding! Probably best to avoid any last-minute, spur-of-the-moment ink in the hours preceding the nuptials.

Real 1. Buy (or pick) a bouquet of flowers and put them in the room you'll be retiring to that night. It's the little things that count.

2. Better yet—plan a blanket picnic. (Assuming you aren't staying at the Ritz—in which case, order one!) While you're out getting those flowers, pick up some water bottles, snacks, wine, etc. It might be one of the biggest days of your life—but it's also one of the most exhausting. All that food you paid for...well, you probably won't eat much of it. And all those "wedding night" stories are just that—stories. Chances are you'll be tired and hungry when it's all over, so why not make it romantic?

3. A few weeks ahead of time, buy a  journal and have members of your bride-to-be's family and her friends write her special notes to read while she's getting ready for the wedding. This is a VERY sweet gesture that will be sure to score you points—but not if you forget the wedding bands...

4. Arrange with her bridesmaids or her family—whomever is with her the morning of your wedding—to deliver a hand-written note from you telling her how you feel about her and reassuring her that she made the right decision to marry you. Have this delivered to her in a creative way—maybe tied to the stem of her mimosa glass. Again--big points.