4 Reasons Why a Precious Metal Wedding Band Is Best For You

In the current marketplace, your choices for men's wedding rings are virtually endless. Not only do a variety of designs and styles exist to appeal to anyone, but there are a number of metals available that were not traditionally used for wedding bands. 

Now we at 4WeddingBands aren't traditionalists, per se, but we know a killer wedding band when we see one. And here are our top 4 reasons why when choosing a wedding ring, precious metals are the only way to go:

1. Precious metals have intrinsic value. When you decided to get married, you made a serious commitment to the person you love and want to spend your life with. You invested in your future. Why wouldn't you invest in a precious metal wedding ring to cement that bond? Unlike all of the alternative metal wedding rings on the market, a precious metal wedding band will retain its value forever. Precious metals are a true investment that will not lose their value.

2. Precious metal wedding rings can be sized easily. Certain "alternative" metals and inlaid rings may look cool, but when you get down to the materials themselves, the problems become apparent. Not only are they virtually worthless from a value perspective, but many of these metals can't be sized—and in some cases are very difficult to cut off. In a medical emergency, wouldn't you feel better knowing that your band could be easily removed from your finger? Or, in a less dramatic example, if you find at some point that your precious metal wedding band becomes too tight or too loose, it can be sized easily.  We are happy to offer this service to our 4WeddingBands customers. If you have any questions about sizing, shoot us an email at info@4WeddingBands.com.

Left to right: Bueller, Parker, Tamland, and Bourne.

Left to right: Bueller, Parker, Tamland, and Bourne.

3. Precious metals have been used forever as a symbol of love. As we said, we're not traditionalists by any stretch of the imagination—but we are firm believers in making jewelry from only precious metals. We carry on a family tradition of nearly 75 years of making only precious metal jewelry, and we plan to keep it that way. While we offer a number of designs—from classic, simple bands to cutting-edge looks—our dedication to the tradition of handcrafting high quality, precious metal jewelry has never waned. Our fathers and grandfathers worked with gold, platinum, and silver, and so do we. 

4. Despite what the alternative metal marketers say, precious metal wedding bands are affordable.  If you are shopping within a certain budget, don't settle for anything less than a precious metal. Sure titanium is inexpensive, but you are paying for a metal with no intrinsic value. If you are looking for a very affordable option, check out our Argentium silver offerings. All of our bands are available in Argentium—a hypoallergenic, 100% recycled silver that is actually purer than standard sterling silver. It's an awesome metal—and it's affordable.

Bottom line: Would you want to wear a wedding ring that is made from the same metal as your shower head? Yeah, we didn't think so.