Our 4 Bestselling Wedding Bands

Choosing a wedding band is tough. At 4weddingbands.com, we try our best to educate you about your options. You've got to choose a precious metal that is right for your lifestyle and your budget. If you have any questions about metal, be sure to visit our Choosing a Metal page and you'll find the answers.

But when it comes to selecting a design for your wedding band, the choice is completely personal. We've identified our 4 bestselling men's wedding rings so you can see what styles are most popular with our past clients:

Foley. Offering a simple twist of visual interest, this 8 mm flat comfort fit wedding band features an all-over sandblasted finish with an off-set bright cut channel.

Jones. Rugged yet elegant, this 6 mm round comfort fit wedding band features a sandblasted central section surrounded by elegant milgrain and sleek high polish edges. 

Kane. A classic, this 8 mm round high polish comfort fit wedding band in our heavier weight styling offers traditional elegance with added presence. 

Sparrow.  For those who believe in the power of numbers, the number 8 is symbolic of wealth, success, and luck—all represented in this wedding band. Segmented into 8 sections, this 8 mm comfort fit band features a rugged sandblasted finish with high polish cuts and edges. 


Tips for Selecting a Finish for Your Wedding Band

At 4weddingbands.com, we offer three basic finishes in our line of men's wedding bands: high polish, satin, and sandblasted. As you shop our store, you'll see those three terms used when describing our wedding band designs. In some of our designs, we use more than one finish for visual interest.

Can't figure out which finish you like best? Think of it this way:

High polish: You like shiny things and you like to be noticed. If you want your gold, platinum, palladium, or Argentium silver wedding band to stand out and make a statement, go for this mirror-like finish.

Satin: Your style is more subtle and subdued. If you want a gold, platinum, palladium, or Argentium silver wedding band that has a softer, brushed look, opt for a satin finish.

Sandblasted: Your look is rugged and edgy. If you want a gold, platinum, palladium, or Argentium silver wedding band that has a rough, textured feel, choose a sandblasted finish.